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Level 4 Personal Trainer - Boxing | Strength & Conditioning | HIIT | Body Composition Specialist

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With a specific focus on traditional boxing, James utilizes his expert knowledge in this field and combines this with resistance and aerobic training to achieve amazing results of the mind and body. A combination of boxing padwork, agility and circuit training to push your body to its limits. Russian kettlebells provide an essential addition to each work out ensuring you the client perform ballistic exercises to improve your cardiovascular capacity, core strength and flexibility. James also incorporates some of the more unconventional training methods ensuring sessions are always engaging and fun.

James has a lifetime background in sport and fitness which kickstarted by winning a scholarship to the prestigious Millfield school which enabled James to excel in multiple sports at 1st team level. He then moved on to play football at University and then more recently boxing for Earlsfield ABC in 2013 and Fight City Gym in 2015 & 2016. With over 10 years of boxing experience James combines this knowledge with both his REPS L4 personal training qualifications and sporting career expertise to create unique personal training experiences that keep you coming back for more. He works closely with each and every client to ensure your goals, whether that be changes to body composition, strength & conditioning, muscle gain or learning to box these all are achieved by teaching you the correct form, creating training schedules specifically for you, and then guaranteeing progression by mapping the correct training programme to your exact requirements whilst applying periodization to remove any possibility of a plateau.

If needed James can assist with nutritional advice, help create diet plans, all of which whilst evaluating your current eating habits to ensure what ever your goals, you reach them as a team.

James loves his music and feels this is a great motivator so it's no surprise it's a key part to all his workouts.


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REPS Level 4 Certificate In Physical Activity And Lifestyle Strategies For Managing Lower Back Pain.

REPS Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training.

REPS Level 3 Exercise Referral

REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor

- Curso de personal trainer level 3, level 4 y level 4 avanzado. - Premier global

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James Thompson se desplaza a domicilio por los alrededores de Lombard Road, Battersea, London, United Kingdom

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