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Tienes ganas de cambiar tu estilo de vida?O tal vez deseas conseguir el físico de tus sueños? Te ayudaré a trabajar para mejorar tu salud y sacar lo mejor de tí mismo(a).Soy especialista en entrenamientos funcionales.

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Moha Marrawi

Rafa es un entrenador excelente, muy buen motivador, amable, puntual, y un gran profesional. Un placer trabajar con él.

Entrenador con 7 años de experiencia en varios países (Reino Unido, Inglaterra, Francia, España). Especialista en entrenamientos funcionales y de alta intensidad, tonificacion, perdida de peso etc. 

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"Entreno en los parques y a domicilio. Entreno en Esplugues, Cornellá, Sant Feliu, Sant Just, Zona Universitaria, Palau Reial y cerca."

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I'm trying to tone and sculp my arms. What should I do? How many pounds should I lift?

Question about Personal Training
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Raphael Boury has answered:
Hello. First of all, toning your biceps/ triceps is the same as training other body parts. You should always work in 4-5 series of an average of 8-10 reps for hyperthrophy and longer reps(12-20) for slimming down/defining the muscle. What you should be looking for when working out is feeling the "pump", and reach failure at every set. In other words, if you can do 8 reps of biceps curls without reaching failure at the end, then you should increase the weight( and conversely). Secondly , you should work your muscles from different angles, that will give it a major stimulus and in the end it will looks bigger and better. Finally, If you want to focus on a specific muscle group for some time , just work them out more often during your routine, but I'd recommend that you leave a day or two before working out the same muscle group. Good luck! Raphael. Personal trainer.

What should I eat before training? And after?

Question about Nutrition
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  • food
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  • after
Raphael Boury has answered:
Hello. Amino acids contained in proteins will protect your muscles during your workout and help them grow during the recovery phase. Healthy fats and carbohydrates will give you a great energy boost and will make you perfom better. Before every workout you should ingest some kind of lean protein+ health fats and complex carbohydrates. An example of pre-workout meal would be: - a chicken or tuna salad without added fat + a slice of wholewheat bread and some avocado. - two pieces of fruits + raw nuts/ almonds or similar. - chia pudding + raw fruits - oatmeals+ milk and some nuts or similar. As for the post workout meal: This is the only time where fast digesting carbohydrates are okay, as studies show it helps with the muscle recovery growth and hypertrophy. - Pasta, Rice and alike / fruit juice etc. + lean protein ( chicken/ turkey breasts , fish etc). Feel free to try a few of the above options for some time and see how your body reacts to them. Everyone is different and you will have to find what works best for you. Raphael Boury Personal trainer.

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