Entrenarme Ads' terms

The prices of the products and/or the services offered on the website include, unless indicated otherwise, the Value Added Tax (VAT) or other taxes that could apply. The campaigns are set for the user. The user will pay for each contact, message, budget request or of visit the price that they have provided with the budget limit they determined. Entrenarme sets a minimum bid per message received according to the location and discipline of the professional. This bid could change when Entrenarme deems it necessary without previous notice. Any messages that are spam will be dismissed if it is confirmed that it is spam and that the user has informed us during the 24hours after receiving the message. The payment method is via credit card. Bank transfers are also possible.

Errors in payment processing

We will take the needed actions to correct any errors in the payment process of which we are aware. Such measures may include a payment or a debt (as the case may be) with the same payment method used for the original payment for or by you, so that you end up receiving or paying the correct amount. If the payment corresponding to the messages received has not gone through, the professional account will be desactivated and the amount of money owed will be claimed.