Qualified trainers

In order for you to be able to choose between all our trainers and centers in a transparent and safe way, we conduct a verification protocol for our trainers.

All of them must pass our minimum education filter required to be part of Entrenarme.

The personal trainers who demand it, can verify their titles through our quality department. If you see this symbol next of a trainer's, it means that it's been verified by us.

We perform audits to the centers that request it. If you see this symbol on a center's profile, it means that it meets the quality standards of Entrenarme.

Data protection

By signing up to Entrenarme we ask you to provide us with your email and phone number to put you in touch with the trainer. But under no circumstances will your details be shared outside our platform.

Your personal information is confidential. You can check our data protection policy.

Customer Support

Our team is at your disposal every day of the week to assist you. You can contact us as you prefer:

  • By chat: Bottom right corner of the website
  • Sending an email to hello@entrenar.me
  • Calling 00442080689505