Why choosing a PT?

Having a personal trainer is one of the top trends in the fitness world, there is no doubt about it. Until recently, having a PT was seen as something exclusive and available for celebrities only. However, this has finally changed, and training with a PT who goes to your home, trains you outdoors or in a center is more affordable.

Why working out with a PT?

A personal trainer is much more than just a person who creates a workout plan for you and lets you know how to perform the exercises. The trainer gives you nutrition and lifestyle tips, helps you with general wellbeing and gives you the motivation and push needed so you don't give up and achieve your goals once and for all. Having a person by your side helping you, makes the lifestyle changes deeper and more likely to stick.

What do you do with a PT?

The trainer will give you an initial evaluation and design a training plan adapted to your goals and your fitness level so you can start right where you're at.

During the sessions, the trainer will correct your posture so that you don't hurt yourself, give you nutritional guidelines and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, will follow up by email or phone, so you know what you have to do at all times. You will change laziness for motivation and improvement in a very short time.

Gym or PT?

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your wants and needs.
Choose a personal trainer if:

  • You need motivation to train and make the most of your sessions.
  • You are tired of going to the gym or your workout rutines.
  • You don't know where to start and need professional advice.
  • You have any injury or pathology and need an expert's advice.
  • You want to finally achieve your fitness goals.
  • You prefer training outdoors or at home.

Choose a gym if:

  • You know how to train or need little advice.
  • Your need a more affordable option or have a tighter budget.
  • You need lots of equipment.
  • You want to switch between group classes and fitness studio.
  • You prefer to train indoors.
How long do sessions last?

A session usually goes for 1h. If you want to adjust it to your availability, consult with your trainer.

Where do the sessions take place?

Wherever you want! At home, outdoors or in a training center. You can even combine them. The trainer will recommend the best spots.

How much does it cost to book a trainer or center from Entrenarme?

Trainers set their own rates. Filter by price on our list and choose the rate that better suits your budget.

Do I have to pay through Entrenarme?

No you don't. Entrenarme is completely free for you. You just have to contact the trainer or center that you like and they will guide you in the process.

How often should I workout with my PT?

It depends on you. Obviously, the more you train, the quicker you'll see results. Most people usually train 2 or 3 times a week.

If you want something more affordable, you can train once a week and ask your trainer to plan the rest of the workouts for you to do on your own time.

What if I don't have the time?

The best thing about personal trainers is that they adpat to you. A PT can adapt to your busy schedule and go to your home, so you don't miss a minute of training.

Will the trainer be available to train anytime I want?

On the 95% of the cases an agreement is reached to adjust the schedules. You can contact the trainer or center through Entrenarme beforehand to specify your schedule. Personal trainers often have flexible hours.

How many sessions would I need to start noticing changes?

From the first training session you will start to feel good, sleep better, increase your self-esteem and decrease your stress. From your 10th session you will notice how your body and your general wellbeing change.

The rest depends on your goal, your previous fitness level and your eating habits. Keep in mind that the worst your initial physical level, the greater your proggresion.

Do I have to buy new clothes or equipment?

The trainer will provide everything you need. All you have to do is wear comfortable clothes and anything specific depending on your goals.

If you want to run, for example, you will need running shoes.

What happends if:I'm older, have any pathology, I've had injuries, I'm pregnant, etc?

Entrenarme has expert trainers that usually work with this type of specifil profiles.

What happends if I get injured, cramps or have any difficulty? Will the trainer know how to assist me?

Of course. The PTs are fully trained and know the needed protocols to solve this type of situations. But it's always a good idea to make sure your trainer has the fist aid check.

What if I'm lazy? Will I gain motivation?

If you tend to be lazy there is nothing better than having a PT by your side. By committing to your trainer and feeling how much they care for your progress, you will feel the motivation and will not be constantly fishing for excuses to skip a workout.

Now, what trainer do I choose?

On Entrenarme you can choose between more than 4000 personal trainers and centers. Do you want us to help you?