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Questions to experts about personal training
7 questions

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Raphael Boury
Esplugues de Llobregat
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Hello. First of all, toning your biceps/ triceps is the same as training other body parts. You should always work in 4-5 series of an average of 8-10 reps for hyperthrophy and longer reps(12-20) for slimming down/defining the muscle. What you should be looking for when working out is feeling the "pump", and reach failure at every set. In other words, if you can do 8 reps of biceps curls without reaching failure at the end, then you should increase the weight( and conversely). Secondly , you should work your muscles from different angles, that will give it a major stimulus and in the end it will looks bigger and better. Finally, If you want to focus on a specific muscle group for some time , just work them out more often during your routine, but I'd recommend that you leave a day or two before working out the same muscle group. Good luck! Raphael. Personal trainer.