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Francisco Campana

PERSONAL TRAINER, IRONMAN, & TRI-ATHLETE / Specialties: - Weight Loss/Gain - Strength/Functional Training - Fitness/Cardiovascular - Kickboxing / Passionate about health and fitness, Ironman, Tri-athlete and Kick Boxer, Francisco will test your determinat

Senol Dervis

PERSONAL TRAINER, IRONMAN, & TRI-ATHLETE / Specialties: - The Martial Art of Shen Chi Do - Kickboxing (Freestyle) - Fighter Tigers Combat System (Founder) - Boxing - Weight Loss/Gain - Strength/Functional Training - Fitness/Cardiovascular - Flexibility Ex

Tony Guerra

PERSONAL TRAINER & BOXER / Specialties: - Weight Loss - Fitness/Cardiovascular Training - Circuit Training - Boxing / Tony is a boxer, fitness fanatic and Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer dedicated to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals – be they

Shensoy Dervish

PERSONAL TRAINER & MARTIAL ARTS MASTER / Specialties: - The Martial Art of Shen Chi Do - Kickboxing - Fitness/Cardiovascular / Shensoy is the son of Founder Professor Grand Master Shen. He started training at the age of 6 under the tuition of his father i

Mark Stanton

PERSONAL TRAINER & STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING COACH / Specialties: - Strength and Conditioning - Olympic Lifts - Plyometrics - Speed Training - Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation - Weight Loss and Body Shape Change / Mark is a Personal Trainer, Strength and

Trevor Meaker

LIFESTYLE COACH, PERSONAL TRAINER, & EDUCATOR / Specialties: - Lifestyle Coaching and Habit Change - Fitness Expert: Strength, Conditioning, Weight Loss - Nutrition Guidance - Injury Rehabilitation / Trevor is a qualified and accomplished physical coach,

Cengiz Dervis

OWNER / Specialties: - Martial Arts Master/Kickboxing Chief Instructor - Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Coach - Fitness Expert: Strength, Conditioning, Weight Loss, Toning, Cardiovascular, Flexibility - Screen and Stage Combat - Performance Coach and

Rebecca Tung

IYENGAR YOGA TEACHER, & CHINESE MEDICAL PRACTITIONER BHSC IN TCM (UTS) / Specialties: - Yoga - Functionally-Specific Yoga Exercises - Postural and Internal Structural Alignment - Traditional Medical Systems and Approaches to Health - Mind and Body Trainin

Abdul Adelakun

PERSONAL TRAINER / Typical Outcome/Improvements: - Mind and Body Transformations - Fat Loss: Lean Gain/Tone-Up - Improved Strength - Improved Fitness, Posture, and Flexibility - Improved Sense of Self-Confidence and Psychological Wellbeing - Improved Resi

Julie Deeks

NUTRITIONIST / Julie is a Nutritional Therapist and Indian Head Massage Therapist. She studied BSc in Nutritional Medicine at Thames Valley University, this included modules on biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, macronutrients and micronutrients, metab

Training Fees

• 1 Personal Training Session: £80 • 5 Personal Training Sessions: £350 • 10 Personal Training Sessions: £700 • 20 Personal Training Sessions: £1,300 • 30 Personal Training Sessions: £1,800

One Year of Personal Training

• 1 Session per Week: £3,380 (£65/Session) • 2 Sessions per Week: £6,240 (£60/Session) • 3 Sessions per Week: £8,580 (£55/Session)

Té Studio

809 Fulham Rd, London

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London - (2)
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