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Tts Personal Training

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TRAINER & OWNER LONDON / Amanda is a dedicated swimmer who has competed at a County level and is a well established triathlete and runner. Amanda's involvement with TTS Personal Training stretches back to the start in 2010. She has been fundamental in establishing the educational and support structure for the clients. Amanda's ideology is to encourage and support clients to develop a culture of perfect technique and strong form. “I love to get involved with the clients specific needs and helping them establish lifestyle choices which assists them achieve their potential. I believe in the development of good form to help you become a stronger, fitter more functional you. I have an extensive background in medicine (Clinical Nurse Specialist) and a passionate interest in Holistic health. I have real life understanding of dietary intolerances and how to achieve enjoyable and nutritious meals. My passion is training well, with structure and understanding alongside a healthy, achievable eating pattern to become the best every day you, you can be. / Qualifications: REPS Level 3 Personal Training; REPS Level 2 Gym Instruction; First Aid at Work; UK Athletics; Leadership in Running Fitness; Movement Skills in Running, Jumping & Throwing



TRAINER & OWNER LONDON / Andy is an accomplished triathlete, with a wealth of experience as an endurance athlete.” He specialises in 10k’s and half marathons. He also has over 25 years of experience in skiing and snowboarding. Andy has been a part of TTS Personal Training since the very beginning in 2010. One could say he helped lay the foundation. His ethos lies strongly with that of TTS Personal Training to help clients achieve a stronger, fitter and leaner self. “Don’t worry I’m not some long distance running sadist, I enjoy my food and training equally and believe my approach to be a wholesome blend of both. I believe in all the benefits of a functional training plan with a healthy dollop of happy healthy food. I believe knowledge is power and should be applied in all aspects of life. I offer more than just a training plan that will make you sweat. My approach to eating healthily and training regularly is a lifestyle choice. I find this is essential in understanding your body’s needs to make you the best you can be. The only place better than training in our well appointed training studio is outside in the fresh air with the elements.” / Qualifications: REPS Level 3 Personal Training; REPS Level 2 Gym Instruction; First Aid at Work; UK Athletics; Leadership in Running Fitness; Movement Skills in Running, Jumping, & Throwing



LEAD TRAINER & OWNER AUSTRALIA / Noel was a successful trainer in one of the leading gym chains in High Holborn just over a decade ago. He's honed his techniques to become a movement specialists with a constant interest in new techniques. In 2010 Noel moved on to open TTS Personal Training in South Woodford and built a strong community based Personal Training studio. Developing his "Total Training System" (TTS) into something that has made his clients into fitter, stronger and lean individuals. In 2014 Noel had to test his System first hand when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The tumour was pressing on the part of his brain that control motor skills on his left side. On the 3rd of March 2014, he underwent surgery to remove the tumour, only to find the surgery had resulted in him having diminished capacity on the left side of his body. He could walk or use his left hand effectively. Noel was back in session within 1 month after surgery. Sitting on a swiss ball and running sessions. With the help of good habits and intensive work, Noel worked back to his new normal. He is now armed with a host of skills that he has had to develop to overcome immense odds. He is fighting fit and wants to share what he has learnt. “I’ve truly walked in my clients shoes. Can’t move, overweight, tired and not interested in training. These were all a reality for me post op. I had to kick own my butt everyday, just to roll out of bed and do corrective exercise. I had to reclaim my body! The tumour was no fun, but its taught me humility and given me new skills that cross over from rehab into everyday life. I have a new found respect for how difficult it can be to get started, but also learned the important of marginal gains - little and often builds into bigger and better things!” / Qualifications: REPS Level 3; Sports Massage; EKI Kettlebell Instructor; TRX Suspension Trainer; MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques); NASM Pre & Post Natal; WATT Bike

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208 Maybank Rd


Located in Suite 1 & 2 of Maybank Business Centre. / Additional center at the following location: • Australia: Galahad Way, Carine, Australia, 6020