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Diego Core

FOUNDER, EXERCISE SPECIALIST, & LIFESTYLE COACH / Having grown up by the ocean, with a passion for all kinds of sport and physical activity, it was a natural progression for Diego Core to focus on the world of sports and science and then to integrate his

Kinga Jonczyk

EXERCISE SPECIALIST / Kinga has been involved in many sports since an early age which has helped her to take a different outlook to exercise due to her own hands on approach to various disciplines. As well as taking part in many sports over the years King

Ben Walsh

PERSONAL TRAINER, CST, TACFIT, & PRASARA YOGA INSTRUCTOR / Ben is a movement and conditioning coach, Sanshou kickboxer and contribution writer for fitness and performance magazines. Outside his personal fitness and performance business he works as an RMAX

Danielle Kleber

FOUNDER, YOGA, PILATES, & CST / Committed to the idea that exercise is more than just physical exertion Danielle Kleber has successfully brought her dedicated clients to new levels of fitness and personal satisfaction. Danielle’s unique methods of visual

Luke Grahame

PERSONAL TRAINER / “My aim with my clients is to build a strong body and a strong mind to bring strength, health, and energy into their everyday lives. I specialise in strength training and nutritional coaching for optimal body composition, whether it be

Aafje Jepkes

PILATES INSTRUCTOR / Romana’s pilates trainer Aafje Jepkes comes from an artistic family where her father was a dancer/choreographer, and so Aafje already heard about Pilates since she was young. Practically she first came across Pilates during her Master

Nick Crispin

PERSONAL TRAINER / Nick first qualified as a personal trainer in 1996. After reaching his UK required reps level 3 he then studied the American college of sports medicine. That propelled him into one of the top gyms in London. Nick followed that with the

Maria Baez

PILATES INSTRUCTOR / Born in Mexico City. After completing her studies in Classical Dance Maria moved to New York to study Modern Dance at The Ailey School (American Dance Theatre), where she also got certified as a Classical Pilates Instructor under the

Yuri Wendt

PERSONAL TRAINER / Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Yuri has spent the past 15 years developing his knowledge of physical activity and gaining experience which has lead him not only to have a strong passion and work ethic but also to have sport, health and n

Chiara Galvan

PILATES INSTRUCTOR & PHYSIOTHERAPIST / After her graduation in Physiotherapy Maria Chiara worked in Trieste for four years treating orthopedic and neurological patients. She deepened her professional education by continuing studying Orthopedic Manual Ther

Harriet Johnson

OSTEOPATH / BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, Registered Osteopath, British Osteopathic Association member, Osteopathic Sports Care Association member Harriet graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001. In addition to her osteopathy qualifications she h

Robert Clough

SPORTS & REMEDIAL MASSAGE, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, & KINESIOLOGY TAPING / Robert uses a combination of sports massage techniques and structural myofascial work to treat a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. Having been active in a wide range of sports

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The Field Training

20 Enford St, London

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