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Keith McNiven

PERSONAL TRAINER / Originating from Leeds, Keith moved to London 6 years ago to follow his passion; fitness. Keith has been involved in sports & training for over 18 years. As a sportsman Keith is a keen Olympic wrestler & has previously won both British

Sercan Dinc

PERSONAL TRAINER / Originating from Turkey, Sercan has an accomplished Jiu Jitsu expert who regularly competes throughout the UK. As a serious athlete, Sercan treats his own training as he does his clients. Hard work pays dividends, and through a combinat

Tomas Jaksa

PERSONAL TRAINER / Tomas has been doing track and field for over 11 years & works with two of the most recognized coaches in the country in youth level. Over his career Tomas has won 7 individual and 2 team national championships (100m, 300m, 100m hurdles

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