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Aaron Brandon-Tyrrell

PERSONAL TRAINER / Aaron has a background in international level sport, representing both England and Scotland in Rugby Union, and competing in the Under 19’s Rugby World Cup. He has an interest in various sports, and since becoming a seniorpersonal train

Joe Bedford

PERSONAL TRAINER / Joe is a current international athlete, representing England in the sport of korfball, participating in World Championships as far afield as Colombia and China. His sporting background also includes representing Kent and Saracens Academ

Neil McGuigan

PERSONAL TRAINER / Neil has a background in international sport, representing both Northern Ireland and Ireland as a high Jumper. He won 8 caps and at one point held the Junior Irish record with a jump of 2 metres and 10 cm. Whilst studying at university,

Rebecca Maslin

PERSONAL TRAINER / Now widely regarded as one of the top female personal trainers in London, Rebecca started working in the fitness industry whilst studying for a degree at university. She has since sought to continually develop herself to become a succes

Tim Wise

PERSONAL TRAINER / Tim’s journey to become one of London’s best personal trainers was as interesting as it was varied. Tim’s first love of training was in body building, where he soon developed an outstanding physique and in-depth knowledge of nutrition.

Ryan Pickard

PERSONAL TRAINER / Ryan started boxing from an early age,and after years of mastering ‘the sweet science’ with the famous Repton amateur boxing club in London’s East End, he went onto represent England 48 times. His accolades include a Youth Commonwealth

Claire Turner

PERSONAL TRAINER & SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST / I have always been active and and love being outdoors, I learned to ride horses before I could walk and competed through some of the lower British Eventing ranks until a few years ago. When it came to competi

Emma Bubb

PERSONAL TRAINER / With an interest in sports from an early age, Emma has competed and trained in a range of sports at college, university, club and county level, including hockey, volleyball, netball, swimming, athletics, cross country and karate. Emma

Duncan Victorin

PERSONAL TRAINER / Duncan has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has been a part of the management team in several prestigious fitness clubs throughout his career, bringing his experience to us here at Revolution. He has a

Alex Giannini

PERSONAL TRAINER / From an early age, Alex has always enjoyed challenging himself, excelling both academically and in sport. Most notable of these areas was football, in which he has had spells at Wimbledon FC and Reading FC, as well as winning a football

Ollie Vandenburg

PERSONAL TRAINER / Ollie has a background of sporting excellence, having represented Middlesex at both tennis and football. After earning a degree in sports science from Brunel University, Ollie took the natural step to become a personal trainer. Drawing

Will Cloke

PERSONAL TRAINER / Always a keen sports and fitness enthusiast, Will has been working in the fitness industry for the past five years having started his career in New Zealand. After moving back to the UK in 2009, Will joined the Revolution studio and soon

Matthew Currie

PERSONAL TRAINER / Matt has been a great addition to the Revolution team, and brings with him several years of experience in the sports and fitness industry in Australia. Before becoming a personal trainer, Matt was involved in coaching children in footba

Noel Hewish

PERSONAL TRAINER / Noel’s story that led him to become a personal trainer at Revolution is both unique and inspiring. After 15 years of working in an office, by his own admission, Noel had become overweight, lethargic and stuck in a rut. He decided to com

Giuseppe di Credico

DIRECTOR & PERSONAL TRAINER / As a director of Revolution Personal Training Studios and with over a decade of personal training experience, Giuseppe has become an expert in driving clients to achieve results as well becoming a mentor to other personal tra

Robert Grim

DIRECTOR & PERSONAL TRAINER / After more than 10 years’ experience as a personal trainer, Rob has now become one of the leading experts in the fitness industry and regularly writes for top publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine. Shortly after leaving

John Grim

DIRECTOR & PERSONAL TRAINER / As one of the three Revolution directors who set up the business in 2005, John has brought an energy and passion to personal training which is truly inspiring. As a school boy, John was a talented footballer and represented b


• First Session/Initial Assessment: £50 • Follow-Up Treatments: £40

Revolution Personal Training Studios

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