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FOUNDER / Nick has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and has travelled all over the world to learn new skills and teach his skills to fellow fitness experts. Nick started in the fitness industry as a senior trainer for a top health club in Lo


PERSONAL TRAINER / Ashleigh is a South African Personal Trainer whose experience spans across diverse fitness disciplines. She believes in a holistic, tailored approach to meet individual fitness goals. As a professional dancer and model she specializes


PERSONAL TRAINER / My personal experience allows me to say I understand people struggling with their weight management and acceptance of their appearance more then others. I was an overweight and inactive child who after losing 50lbs of body weight disco


PERSONAL TRAINER / As a professional dancer, Shelley has always had a strong understanding of health and fitness. She is a trainer with over 5 years experience with a variety of clients ranging from athletes to absolute beginners. As a dancer she works


PERSONAL TRAINER / Recently arrived from Australia with 2 years experience under his belt, Hector is looking to develop his personal training skills internationally. Having achieved a Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Exercise Science (Streng


PERSONAL TRAINER / I am a Level 3 REPS qualified personal trainer with a level 4 and 5 Degree in Personal Training and in Strength and Conditioning. Health and fitness is my foundation, martial arts and fitness training is my passion. Having a deep inter


PERSONAL TRAINER / Ant has over 5 years experience with a special focus on core strength, upper body strength and muscle gain. He has also helped many of Platinum Training clients shed the extra weight from his High Intense fat burning sessions. Give him

Michael Polish

PERSONAL TRAINER / Since childhood, sport has been an integral and very important part of my life. As a 7 year-old boy I started to train Ju- Jitsu. After 6 years of trainings, I have experienced a serious fracture that sidelined me from any physical acti


PERSONAL TRAINER / Jamie has been within the fitness industry for more than 8 years now, attending seminars and numerous courses to attain a broad spectrum of knowledge. Operating with an open mind when training clients, it allows Jamie to adapt to clien


PERSONAL TRAINER / My name is Yoann, I am a motivated and accomplished trainer with experience in sport and fitness. From an early age I played football at a top level. I used to coach other players off-season to improve endurance, speed, power and techn

Etienne ("The Beast")

I have 5 years of experience as a personal trainer and have gained great knowledge in the fitness sector. I am currently 2x world powerlifting champion with a world record deadlift, so strength and conditioning comes easy to me. I also specialise in obes

Personal Training

• 1 Session: £50 • 10 Sessions: £400 • 20 Sessions: £600 • 30 Sessions: £800

Personal Training - 2 People at Once

• 1 Session: £50 • 10 Sessions: £400 • 20 Sessions: £700 • 30 Sessions: £900

One-Off Session

• Includes one personal training session, fitness tests, tailor-made programme, tailor-made diet guide, weekly follow-up for the first 2 months: £80

Get Fit Quick Packages

• 4 Sessions per Week for 1 Month: £500 • 4 Sessions per Week for 2 Months: £900

Wedding Package

• Includes 3 sessions every week, a diet guide every 2 weeks, fitness tests every 2 weeks, measurements taken every two weeks which includes body fat percentage: £1,000 (2-Month Package), £1,500 (3-Month Package)

Platinum Corporate Packages

• 1 Session for Up to 20 People at Once: £50

Long-Term Training Packs

• 3-Month Personal Training Package: £1,300 • 4-Month Personal Training Package: £1,800 • 5-Month Personal Training Package: £2,100 • 6-Month Personal Training Package: £2,500

Virtual Personal Training

• Offers a new workout made for your needs and goals sent each week, a new diet guide sent once per week, text messages sent and phone calls every other day to make sure you are on track: £50 (Per Month), £500 (Yearly Package)

Kids Fitness

• Single Session: £40 • Pack of 10 Sessions: £380

Platinum Training

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