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Chris Greig

PERSONAL TRAINER / Chris aims to send every client away from their training session feeling positive, energised and refocused. His personal training experience has led his clients to expect a dynamic, varied and enjoyable programme, tailored to their req

David Rees

PERSONAL TRAINER / David Rees, England rugby union international has been working as a fitness consultant and personal trainer since his professional sporting days. Dave has been helping clients get results, drawing on his experience in a wide range of

Steve Threadgold

PERSONAL TRAINER / Steve’s personal training experience stretches back 17 years. The sheer number of people he has trained during that time makes his experience invaluable. Recognising the clients’ needs and abities quickly and correctly ensures you can

Tom Lakos

PERSONAL TRAINER / Tom always puts extra focus into how his clients are linked in body and mind and is very specific about teaching good breathing technique during training. With his teaching background in P.E. Tom educates his clients while he trains the

Lee Weston

PERSONAL TRAINER / Lee has an affinity and passion to help others achieve their goals. He is a personable and dedicated professional who cares for the people he works with creating a fun, relaxed environment conducive to training hard and achieving result

Zinnia Lopez

PERSONAL TRAINER / I’m passionate about fitness, when I’m not training for a race you will find me working out at the gym. I’m motivated and educated so “staying active” is my lifestyle. I believe a good trainer is a good listener, role model and motivat

Jules Taylor

PERSONAL TRAINER & ENDURANCE RUNNING COACH / Having competed for over 35 years, at National and International level, I have a vast library of experience to draw on: White Water Kayaking (UK); Climbing (UK and Europe); Badminton (UK); Diving (UK); Gymna


Oakfields Personal Training is delighted to announce that it is now offering 1-2-1 and small group yoga from February 2016. Gurbax’s extensive experience includes Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, children’s yoga, kinesiology and yoga therapy. In addition to H

Robert Tweedie

PERSONAL TRAINER / Robert’s enthusiasm for an active & healthy lifestyle is infectious. He has made it his mission to provide an unparalleled yet affordable service, helping countless individuals achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.

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