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Our FIT Programmes are designed for people of all shapes and sizes,all levels of fitness and determination, for those who want to mould their ambition and push their physical capabilities.

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Robert Bray

FOUNDER / Rob founded and developed MyFitness Studio in an effort to create a high-end training environment with the essential atmosphere and personnel for achieving real fitness results. He has taken on what he believes to be some of London's best person

Pawel Szkolnicki

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Pawel is a REPS Level 3 personal trainer with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Development. He has built a reputation as a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer in various gyms and health clubs whilst maintaining a passion fo

Sarah Louise Kristiansen

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Sarah Louise originally hails from Denmark and her approach to physical fitness is informed by a background in dance and the performing arts. Having completed her BA (Hons) in Dance in 2012, Sarah Louise went on to become a perso

Toto Prontera

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Salvatore, or Toto to his friends and colleagues, is a former athlete with a degree in Sports Science and a REPS Level 3 training qualification. With a keen eye for detail he loves to analyse, diagnose and then create client-spec

Jermaine Sempebwa

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Jermaine graduated with a BSc in Physiology and went on to achieve qualification with a YMCA personal trainer award. With over eight years experience in the fitness industry, Jermaine champions a personalised approach to trainin

Mounir Ghailan

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Mounir graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Management and went on to create a successful early career in the events industry. A desire to remain honest to a career that he really cared about, Mounir qualified as a REPS Level 3

Rebecca Dalby

SENIOR REFORMER PILATES TRAINER & SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Rebecca has taught dance, health and fitness for ten years with a background in personal training and management for the last six years. She also has an MSc in Dance Science. Dance Science not o

Martin Bugaj

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Martin is a highly sought-after Body Transformation Coach, with an extensive portfolio of client before-and-after pictures that attest to his successes in this field. With almost a decade's experience in the fitness industry, Ma

Lizi Duncombe

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Lizi is a Level 3 personal trainer with a degree in Osteopathy. With eight years of experience in the fitness industry, Lizi has developed a wide base of skills and knowledge, and in her time as a personal trainer has worked with

Roxy Danae

SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER / Roxy is a level 3 Personal Trainer and nutritionist. She specialises in body transformations and muscular development. Roxy is competing later this year as a fitness model and working out is a huge part of her lifestyle. Whether

Personal Trainer Rates

• £65/Hour (Peak Rate) • £55/Hour (Off Peak Rate) • £600/10 Sessions (Peak Rate) • £500/10 Sessions (Off Peak Rate) | • Peak Times: Monday - Friday (6:00 - 8:00; 17:30 - 21:30), Saturday, Sunday • Off Peak Times: Monday - Friday (0:00 - 6:00; 8:00 - 17:30

Senior Trainer Rates

• £75/Hour (Peak Rate) • £70/Hour (Off Peak Rate)

Senior Trainer Block Booking

• £700/10 Sessions (Peak Rate) • £650/10 Session (Off Peak Rate) • £1,950/30 Sessions (Peak Rate) • £3,600/60 Sessions (Peak Rate)

Additional Training Services

• Personal Training for 2 People: £100/Hour • Personal Training at Home/Off Site: Price Based on Location


• £75/Hour (Peak Rate) • £70/Hour (Off Peak Rate) • £700/10 Sessions (Peak Rate) • £650/10 Sessions (Off Peak Rate)

Freelance Studio Hire

• £200/10 Sessions • £540/30 Sessions • £960/60 Sessions • £1,400/100 Sessions

Myfitness Studio

9 Conlan St, London

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