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PERSONAL TRAINER / ABC Personal Training - Ability, Balance, & Coordination / I am an enthusiastic person by nature. I believe that exercising gives you a way to infuse new energy into your life. As a tennis coach and personal trainer, I like to work on c


PERSONAL TRAINER / Helping You Get Fit for Life / Patient, proactive, and enthusiastic, I believe sport makes life exciting, is fun, and gives you strength, confidence, and discipline. I am passionate about keeping fit and sports like skiing, basketball,


PERSONAL TRAINER / If You Really Want it, I Help You Work for it / Disciplines I've studied include ballet, Scaravelli yoga, Vipasana meditation, mat Pilates, and fitness training. I am always looking for the best ways to nurture my clients' potential. Pe


PERSONAL TRAINER / Holistic Approach to Fitness / I dedicated the last three years to the study of health-preserving Tai Chi and Qigong as an apprentice to one of China's most famous Daoist Tai Chi masters in the Wudang Mountains. I am inspired by the psy


PERSONAL TRAINER / Discover a New Dimension of Fitness / I have a degree in Sports Science and a Certification in Muscles Chains for Movement, a new and effective tool to monitor how the body can increase efficiency and avoid injury. With an ongoing knowl


PERSONAL TRAINER / Inspirational Fitness / I have a degree in Sports Science. I can help you see fitness in a different dimension. In every exercise, I look at the goal, the elements, and your skills and weaknesses. I have the expertise, intuition, commit


PERSONAL TRAINER / Designing Exercises for Wellbeing / Health, performance, and human movement have been the basis of my work as a personal trainer and performance coach. I am always on the constant development of Sports Science, making me question the ba


PERSONAL TRAINER / Exceed Your Fitness Goals / I dedicated my studies and experience working one-on-one. Understanding every individual body and needs is one of my main mottos. I realise that everything starts with a good posture. Working on your posture


PERSONAL TRAINER / Train Every Part of Your Body, Modelling it to its Best / I coordinate an elite group of highly professional and inspiring personal trainers. Throughout my career, I've helped 2,000+ people achieve their potential in fitness and get a h


PERSONAL TRAINER / Weight and Resistance Workout / I design and implement exercise programmes for a range of individual clients by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness of personal exercise programmes. I employ appropriat

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Integrated Personal Training

Queensway, Londres

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