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Tim Ayling

PERSONAL TRAINER / Tim Ayling has been Neil Prior's personal trainer since IgnitePT first opened their doors. Neil's view of Tim is "His varied and challenging regime provides me with a thorough workout each time I have a session with him. My energy and f

Nikki Clarke

PERSONAL TRAINER / Biosignature Modulation is a scientific fat loss system, invented by strength coach Charles Poliquin, that lets you know why you store body fat in certain areas and not others, by analysing your hormonal profile. By taking body fat meas

Jay Copley

TRAINER / Jay has developed a wide range of tried and tested methods and techniques that he uses with his clients to make sure they achieve their maximum potential. Constantly changing his own training goals, there are few training or nutritional programm

Jonny Deacon

PERSONAL TRAINER / Specialises in body transformations, specifically 90 days.

Tom Dyer

TRAINER / Tom Dyer, Co-owner of Ultimate City Fitness, London. Tom has been involved in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years, spending time studying and working all over the World. Tom works with many top fitness professionals and nutritionis

Gavin Gillibrand

TRAINER / Gavin graduated in 1996 with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and his love of training in the gym and nutrition led him to the world of personal training. From aerobics and spin instructor in the early days to strength and conditioning coac

Luke Grainger

TRAINER / You will now have had the chance to experience a full training session as well as getting a flavour for the holistic nature of my training style and the potential of what can be achieved.

Mark Harries

TRAINER / There is always a base and sound grounding in the scientific rationale for why and how you would train, with this in mind Marks’ complete training set up includes a full body movement assessment and lifestyle analysis’ this is so that you can se

Henry Ives

PERSONAL TRAINER / Absolute Health, Absolute Strength and Human Performance.

Jason Patmore

TRAINER / Jason is a knowledgeable and dedicated Personal Trainer who will help you achieve your goals even around your busy lifestyle. His claim to fame is that he tackled Prince Harry on the rugby pitch while serving for HM Forces.

Matt Rickett

TRAINER & CHIROPRACTOR / Matt specialises in working with athletes, and individuals with an interest in sport, either to treat injuries, prescribe rehabilitation, or just to improve their sporting performance. Matt has worked with rugby, cricket and footb

David Skinner

TRAINER / David is our in-house cycling strength and conditioning coach, specialising in Wattbike coaching and off-bike strength and conditioning. He also excels in core and lower body stability training.

Daniel Stevens

REHABILITATION & NUTRITION PERSONAL TRAINER / Personal Trainer Daniel has been training clients for over 6 years in London and one of his long term clients has this to say about him, "Having thought about Personal Training for several months I finally met

Ben Thomas

PERSONAL TRAINER / Head Strength & Conditioning Coach to the - World Number #1 Tennis Doubles Champions, the Bryan Brothers - Men’s Bern & Switzerland Ice Hockey teams - Great Britain Kyokushin Captain, Spencer Bennett - Great Britain Paralympic Sailing T

Matt Williams

TRAINER / Matt is a fat loss and toning specialist, his passion lies in meeting his clients goals no matter what they might be using a wide range of training techniques. As a personal trainer Matt specialises in flexibility and mobility and whether your g

Biosignature Modulation


HIIT with Matt


Torch Fat with Boxing with Luke


Biosignature Modulation with Nikki


Pre & Post Natal Exercise with Matt


Ballet Fitness with Matt


Lose Fat with Henry


Strength and Conditioning with Ben


Rehabilitation with Daniel


Nutrition & PT with Daniel


Biosignature Modulation and PT


12-Week Transformation with Jason




12-Week Transformation



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