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Swimming, the most complete sport

Complete, useful and full of benefits. With these adjectives, the first sport that comes to mind (besides Crossfit), is swimming. We tell you why.

Swimming is a very complete sport. In fact, as trainer Gabriel Garrido says, if we were asked what is the most complete activity or what type of exercise can bring us more benefits, we would include it in the group of activities such as crossfit, strength work with full-body routines or even walking. However, he warns that “there is no such thing as an activity more complete than another. A better or worse activity depends on the person who practices them, their time and their goals”. This is what swimming can bring you. Do not be afraid and throw yourself into the pool!


It allows us to work a great amount of muscle zones so it is a good option to be able to do workouts that involve almost the whole body. 

Less harmful

It is an ideal method for those who cannot perform training with impact, in fact in some populations like fibromyalgia, the scientific literature tells us that it can bring greater benefits than dry training. 

Strength, resistance, power and flexibility

It allows working different capacities like resistance when we realize several lengths. Force, using implements like fins or shovels to give more power to our strokes and kicks in swimming or even flexibility to be able to obtain greater amplitude in our movements.

Ideal to slim down 

Using this method correctly along with healthy habits it is an excellent way for fat loss/gaining muscle mass, depending on the type of specific work done.

In family

It is an activity that you can do with your family, in fact it is very common to work with pregnant or mothers who go with their babies. So it can be an excellent opportunity to play a sport with family. And any age!

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Written by:

Gabriel Garrido Blancagabriel garrido completo

Personal Trainer

Cycling School Monitor

Technical Rescue and Aquatic Rescue